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Has anyone had any success with Herbal or Natural Medicine and Vertiginous Migraines?

I am trying to research natural remedies to vertiginous migraines. Has any one had any success with herbal or natural remedies? It is not the pain that gives me the grief as much as the constant feeling of dizziness or fogginess. Please let me know your experience with this type of treatment.

  1. I have severe, chronic migraines. My neurologist says that on a scale of 1 to 10, I am a 12. Like you, I have vertiginous migraines. Due to the severity of my migraines I do not have much luck with medications. I did however, stumble upon an herbal remedy that I've had some success with. It's called a "migraine bomb." It is 6-8 drops of oregano oil and 6-8 drops of frankincense oil in a gelatin capsule (I buy the oils and capsules at Sprouts. You can also buy them online.) You can take it with water but I take it with milk. It helps with the "oregano burn/burps" that can happen. I hope you find some relief with this.

    1. Thank you Caessa, I may try this.

    2. Thank you Caessa! I may try this.

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