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What coping strategies do you use when visiting family over the holidays?

What coping strategies do you use when visiting family over the holidays? Today I have a family get together but with migraine medication I took not sure if migraine will improve or get worse. Don't want to have to deal with lots of people, chatter, music etc and I have no appetite. What do you do in these situations? I feel bad if i don't attend but at the same time i don't want to feel miserable being there either.

  1. Hi , This is a very difficult time of the year? How did you manage these last few days? I realize we are closing out the holiday week, but I still wanted to share this resource as you might find it has some helpful information on managing migraine through the holidays. Any big plans for the weekend? Wishing you many more "good" days in the new year! Thanks for reaching out & we are always here to listen.

    1. Hi Joanna, I ended up going to to the Christmas dinner and my migraine did not get any worse after taking the medication. With migraines or maybe my personality in general, I am often hesitant to attend events when I feel trapped and do not have a means of transport to get home on my own. As this Christmas dinner i was dependent on my spouse to drive us there and back so that is one of the reasons for me not wanting to go...the get together usually is more than 5 hrs long.
      With my immediate family due to family dynamics which I find stressful ( stress causes stomach upset and more migraines ) I decided that my spouse and i will visit my parents without other family members being there. This is my coping strategy this year.

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