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Hope this may help someone

Just want to post that my husband figured out that the major cause of my migraines looks to be atmospheric high humidity. Since we have been living in the SF Bay Area, we have now sold our house & are moving to a much drier climate, in the Sierra Foothills. It was difficult for me to accept his findings at first, but, he monitored me carefully & graphed when I had migraines, how severe they were, how often I had to take the pain med, etc., & I finally had to admit, it made sense. Since we have been in the Foothills (in our trailer for now, til all the bank stuff closes), in the past 3 weeks, I've only had to take the Norco 2times. That's unheard of, back in the Bay Area! Nothing else I did, acupuncture, biofeedback, medications, dietary changes, nothing else worked. I am aware that I will most probably get migraines from time to time, there really is no perfect cure. But, if I even get them only once every week, compared to every day or every other day, I will be able to have a life. Like I said, I'm posting this in the hopes that it may possibly help someone. Best wishes!

  1. Oh, and I would love to hear if my post does help anyone!

    1. I have also had chronic migraines for 12 years. I recently found out by process of elimination that Nexium (omneprazole) has been causing mine. I have been off Nexium for a month and a half and have had only 2 migraines. Check out the meds you are taking.

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