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How do you manage an uptick in spring migraine attacks?

If you're anything like me when the seasons change I see an uptick in migraine frequency and severity. In fact I just started a steroid taper to help get rid of the nasty cycle I've been dealing with.
Do you have any tips, tricks and/or suggestions on how you combat this?

  1. Hi - what a great question. Starting a steroid taper to break the cycle sounds like a proactive step in managing your migraines. A few things I do is keep myself hydrated, especially if I'm out every morning to walk the dogs. I like to drink my "mocktails" and always have one next to me or near me. I tend to get dehydrated quite easily. Not sure if it's bc of the meds I am on, but keeping myself hydrated with ice-cold drinks with fruits of the season, and/or simple tastes of citrus keeps me going. I find this helps keep attacks down and/or less intense. I also try and manage my sleep cycle. If I rise too early before 7 am I tend to get a migraine. Being aware this affects my migraines, I allow myself enough hours to sleep and get up around 8 am. It helps quite a bit. I will circle back around as I am curious what tips, tricks and/or suggestions the community has. Warmly - Rebecca (team member)

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