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How does everyone get relief from a migraine?

I have tried just about everything and still the Dr's cannot figure out my migraines. I get them everyday and am lost on what to do. Any advice?

  1. Hi there Codybone,
    Thanks so much for your questions! Unfortunately, there is no one size fits all approach in migraine management and it is important to remember what works well for someone may not for another. Don't give up hope to find effective treatment though!! There are many treatment options that can be considered. As you wait for possible feedback from the community, in the meantime let me share a few resources with you.

    Wishing you all the best at finding a treatment that will provide you with the relief you are in great need of!
    -Joanna ( Team)

    1. Hey Codybone,

      I've found for me a 100mg sumatriptan (the weaker 25mg does nothing for me however) and an ice pack works well, along with trying to find a cool, dark, quiet place to spend some time. At work they just about always have the a/c blasting, but dark and quiet is hard to come by. I do feel very drained as a side effect of the sumatriptan, but I'd much rather feel drained than get a killer migraine headache.

      As Joanna said, there's no one size fits all answer. Best of luck to you in finding an effective treatment!

      1. I have daily migraines and unfortunately have not found the magic cure. Some days abortives help, while some days nothing helps. Chiropractors can help some individuals. Staying cool and hydrated are very important. I have a thing for iccees and hot cheetos when I feel bad (no I do not know why). Unfortunately not everyone responds the same way. You have to find what works for you. So a lot of trial and error
        - Amanda Workman ( moderator and contributor)

        1. I initially started with identifying my triggers which were

          - Fermented Food
          - Too much of Travel or Physical Activity

          Tried to avoid these, it did help me for a few days but again I started having Migraines in-spite of avoiding these triggers

          After that I consulted a doctor who suggested me to take medicine Flunarine-10 as soon as I felt that I am going to have a migraine, I used to take that medicine but it never gave me relief. It did reduce the pain but I wanted a permanent solution for it as it was very frustrating. I could not even do my daily tasks when I had a migraine.

          I finally got relief from migraine through Homeopathy. I am currently on 1 year Homeopathic course for migraine. I just need to take four homeopathic pills in the day and four in the night.

          You can check out my entire experience of migraine in this video:

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