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How long do caffeine withdrawal headaches last?

I tried quitting caffeine partially to see if it would reduce migraines about a month ago. I’ve been getting a LOT more (about every other day) since. At some point I’ll give up and go back to caffeine but I’d rather not and am hoping that at some point it gets better. Anyone have experience here? How long do caffeine withdrawal headaches last or if I’m a month out does it mean I’m just going to get a ton of migraines until I start caffeine again?

  1. Hi! I just found your post -- sorry you never got a response! Most sources I am seeing suggest that caffeine withdrawal symptoms last about a week. But it's also important to know that caffeine can affect migraine in many people -- for some it helps, for others it makes them worse. Have you been diagnosed with migraine disease? Are you having symptoms beyond a headache? Generally, if you are getting more migraines for any reason it's important to be seen by a doctor as soon as possible. People that have migraines only occasionally can turn chronic if they don't have proper treatment.

    Please let me know if you have other questions and keep us posted about how you're doing. I hope you can get some relief soon! -Melissa, team

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