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How long does it take for Indomethacine to work?

  1. Hi Hark,

    Thank you for your question. When start new medications, it can take up to 90 days before we see a reduction in migraine attack frequency and severity.

    If it's being taken for hemicrania continua it should work right away.

    May I ask how long you've been taking it?


    1. I took indomethicine to confirm Paroxysmal sympathetic neuralgia. Women’s worked for me with the first dose.

      1. I have been taken off it now. Neuro firstly thought it was status migrainosus, had steroid treatment that didn't work. So next I was put on Indomethacin took it for nearly 2 weeks and no relief. Re admitted to hospital on Tuesday indo stopped and had nerve block yesterday and lots of my meds were changed.
        Still have tinnitus and thumping headache today but pain over right side of my face has eased so hoping it continues to improve. Thank you for your reply.

        1. Thank you for the reply.
          I have had a migraine for nearly 7 weeks and indo was the 2nd treatment took for 2 weeks but no relief. I have since had a nerve block which has seemed to ease it but not completely! hoping it will continue to improve xx

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