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Hyper mobility

Hi Everyone,

I went in to see a different neuro in my doctor's practice to get an occipital block for the first time, and when she was going over my details and looking me over she said that I appeared to have 'hyper mobility' (I'd actually heard another doctor, one at NIH when I got to be a guinea pig as a group was instructed on the Botox procedure, fun story for later!, say the same thing, claiming the way my skin flushed made it apparent) This neuro used the details of my straight cervical spine and the way I can bend my thumbs to my wrists as evidence, but the moral of the story here is that hyper mobility apparently contributes to/is cocurrent with migraines, chronic daily headaches, and chronic neck pain.

My question is has anyone here been told this is part of their profile? I'm just figuring out what it even means. I work with special ed preschoolers and apparently it is kind of similar to 'low tone' but I am at a loss for what a grown adult does to help their bodies adapt to this issue. Thoughts?

  1. Hi RachelRoo,

    Thank you for sharing! I've not been told that, but know others who have. Hopefully they'll be along shortly to share their experiences.


    1. I've been classified hypermobile too - I wish that meant moving at top speed :0. No mention of a migraine connection though.. I have cervical spine issues with myofascial syndrome. Once had a rare gentle physical therapist (who sadly moved away) successful in reducing neck pain and migraine episodes. My guess is he broke the feedback loop connecting my migraine to tension headaches cycle. Its poss thats the connection bc hypermobile can lead to spasms. I'm looking into an ultrasound device though I don't know if home ones are powerful enough. My spine doc has to advise on areas to avoid. If hypermobility is profound, as in joint dislocating, look into ehlers-danlos syndrome. Arthritis sites usually have info on it and core strength if joints allow for it. Take care 😀

      1. Cerys,
        Thanks for posting! I am sorry to hear that your PT moved. Would you consider trying another therapist?
        I thought you might be interested in the possible connection between migraine and joint hypermobility disorders:
        If you are interested in more feedback from members like you, be sure to check out the comments under the article.
        I also thought you might be interested in this article which discusses headaches and neck problems:

        Lastly, I wanted to share with you a brief overview of complementary and alternative medicine for migraineurs:

        I hope you enjoy these articles.

        Jillian ( Team)

        1. That's really interesting -- as I am hypermobile in my hands as well. I've actually been looking into EDS (Ehlers Danlos Syndrome - connective tissue disorder) because I have a lot of the other symptoms as well - migraines/chronic headaches is on the list.

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