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Has anyone tried Hypnotherapy? What sort of results did you have?
I'm curious about it, but haven't found much research or positive feedback online.
Your thoughts?

  1. In all the reading I've done and all the continuing education programs I've attended, there has never been any evidence shown for hypnotherapy helping with Migraines.

    Keep in mind that Migraine triggers are physiological, not psychological. It just doesn't make sense to me that hypnotherapy would impact Migraines - unless it were used to help people be stronger in avoiding any avoidable triggers they might have.


    1. I had a hypotherapy session that was incredibly successful. I went a month and half with no migraines at all. But then they started coming back. I asked the hypnotist for a recording of affirmations that I could play at night before i went to sleep, but it didn't help.

      Still, somewhere, somehow, that one session touched something in me and cut the headaches off for a while. Better than any drug, even Topamax. Hypnotherapists have been able to stop lots of physical diseases. I know one who stopped all of his patients' allergies. And in studies of people with multiple personality disorders, one personality can have allergies or be bi-polar, while another personality is perfectly healthy. This is medical fact. So the mind/body connection does play a part. I just wonder what that hypnotist touched and why I lost the connection with it.

      1. Hello Lynnw.................Hypnosis can be a great tool for migraines and headaches as you've discovered. The important thing to realize is that it is often not a one time quick fix. The fact that you went so long with no symptoms tells me as a practicing clincal hypnotist that you need to continue the treatment. It will most likely eventually stick for longer and longer times but each client is different. I also use Neurofeedback for migraines and headaches. It is also extremely effective. I am working with a client right now that has had Migraines since she was a small child. She is currently in her 60's. She uses Maxalt when the migraine comes on and it does get rid of it for her. She does not have a migraine every day but she does have a headache every day. I have worked with her for 10 session using Neurofeedback and she reports no headaches for almost 3 weeks now. Where she takes 8-10 Maxalts per month, she has taken none in the last 2 weeks, 1 in 3 weeks. If you are still suffering from Migraines or other headaches, please try neurofeedback. If you don't know a therapist who does this contact me and I will direct you to someone near you. Curtis

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