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I feel so dead inside, and outside, and just dead

Last week I had a smoothie which triggered a prodrome. I'm not sure what it was in the smoothie, I've tested all of the ingredients, and I found nothing.

Later in the week, I had a bit of a migraine. I had to take my abortive meds before it set in mostly because they affect my sleep and it was starting to get too late for me to take my meds if I want to sleep. I'm at the point where prodrome affect my life more than the migraines themselves. I feel like I'm in a fog. I'm always tired. I feel miserable. I can't wake up. I'm dizzy. I'm having a hard time doing simple tasks like putting the lid on my water bottle. I'm yawning all of the time. I can't even concentrate. Hell, I can barely manage to take care of myself because I just feel so shitty off of the time.

I have a history of migraine symptoms without the actual migraine pain. Last year I'd the silent migraines in alternations with my regular migraines (just to shake things up, ya know?) But I just feel so miserable, being in prodrome for just so long without a real migraine, and when I do get them, they're barely their, just an annoyance. All of these silent migraines are the only reason why I know it's even a migraine, because I get literally all of the symptoms EXCEPT the pain sometimes.

And I just feel so dead. Like you do when you haven't slept in a long time. I don't have the energy to do anything. I don't feel like doing anything. I'm incredibly dizzy. It's a huge difference than the usual me that wants to do everything at once and it's killing me to just not feel like doing anything all of the time.

Anyone else deal with this nonsense?

  1. I get that exact feeling in my prodome through severe pain and ultra severe postdrome.

    Feel like I'm 110 years old ..... getting up, eating and (maybe) getting dressed and can only do that before 1pm. And if I want to shower .... oops so,etc,es that my day.

    I have gone chronic and getting more and more days of severe migraines ...... so unfortunately more and more days are like this and the last month I have had zero "normal" days ....this fog, no energy and worthless feeling seems to now be my new normal. Wow that really hurts typing that.

    1. I'm feeling the same as you in above posts..Hopeless and worthless. I'VE tried to deal with this for 40 years but now I'm just too tired..

      1. I go from chronic to episodic, so whenever it is chronic I just try my best to hold out for when it goes back to episodic. Personally, I just feel so depressed, I can't remember anything, it is difficult to eat, and I live in a world of darkness. It is so discouraging, I want to go into an academic field, but with my memory problems it makes me wonder if I would ever be able to even get my undergrad. When it is episodic, I have bad days and good days, so I am able to get through, but when it is chronic it is more how bad of a day was it. I have been dealing with migraines for 16 years, my best advice is hold out for the good days and really cherish them.

        1. Thank you for giving me a word to go with the way I feel. New to migraines and what is happening to me. Had to look up prodrome. The not a migraine, but everything that is a migraine. My mother is passing, long drives to be with her, work, trying to be part of a marriage, it is depressing. Good luck and hope everyone finds relief.

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