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I wish it would stop.....

Over 50 Newbie here...I have been having this daily headache for about 6 months. It started right after I had this weird cigarette smoke smell (phantosmia) that wouldn't go away. My headache starts every morning around 8 or 9. They are mainly around my left temple.It comes and goes throughout the day. Along with blurred vision and upset stomach. Have had a CT scan and a MRI. My ENT said I don't have a sinus infection. The results of my MRI were "Suggested congenital hypoplastic A1 segment of the right anterior cerebral artery. Mild mucosal thickening scattered bilateral ethmoid air cells and frontal sinuses." Waiting to get a follow up appointment with my ENT this week.
I do wish the headache would go away. I don't like to feel this way everyday!

  1. Hi Dizzyagain,

    Thank you for sharing your journey with us, although I'm sorry to hear you are feeling well.

    Have you seen a neurologist? That may be a good step in treating this head pain. Getting an accurate diagnosis will help you learn about your disorder and find the correct treatment.

    If the ENT is suggesting surgery will "cure" your head pain, I would get a second opinion. Surgery is rarely the answer.

    Looking forward to hearing more from you,

    1. Thank you. My ENT wants me to see a Neurologist asap but the first Neurologist couldn't get me in for at least a month. Waiting to hear from another. Hopefully I will today. Nobody is suggesting surgery.

      1. Hi Dizzyagain,

        Hopefully a month will pass by quickly. Let me know how you make out at your appointment.


        1. Went to my Neurologist yesterday. He said it looks like Hemicrania continua. Waiting to try Indomethacin to see if it works. I sure hope so...getting tired of the daily headaches. Also have lots of blood work scheduled for today.

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