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I am getting ready to have a implant put in to possible stop my migraines. I have had them for 4 years and everything has stopped working. I will post after surgery and give results of condition.

  1. illinois247 - Can you tell us a little about your expected surgery? I am assuming you're talking about a stim device, but there are multiple options. What preventives have you tried in the past that were helpful to you - - or not?

    1. Just got my temporary Omega Stim implant put in yesterday at Nashville TN. Right after they turned it on it started to get rid of the migraine behind my right eye. They adjusted it and got rid of the one that was in the back of my head. Since it works they will schedule me for the permanent one! YEAH

      1. illinois247 - Congratulations on finding something that seems to be helping you!

        1. 4 days of the temporary implant and no migraines (knock on wood) told them today I wanted the permanent one. I will keep you updated.

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