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Injectable DHE 45?

Hi everyone: As a fellow Cluster sufferer Injectable DHE 45 is the only abortive med that works for me. However it has been out of stock for months but is rumored to be in pharmacies soon. Has anyone gotten a new script for DHE 45 recently or seen it on the street yet? Please advise, it will make my Christmas much better without a Cluster.

  1. My refill has been delayed but is supposedly arriving tomorrow. Also, I have been unable to get dhe from my regular pharmacy but have had good luck with my insurance company's specially pharmacy. I hope you're able to get your hands on some!

    1. I use Aetna but it's probably worth calling your company to ask. My doc did have to resend the prescription but they're used to that.

    2. Hi Joanieb: Just to let you know my insurance company has a specialty company Optum they use and they never even heard of it. Checked again with Walgreens, Walmart, CVS and Target, nothing available and they called their suppliers on Friday. The only place I found it was out of Canada at a very attractive price but I would have to pay for it, does not accept insurance and kinda worried about dealing online for something like this. Heard many horror stories about online meds however this pharmacy appears legit. Costs like $550 for 30 ampules, about 1/3 the US retail price. According to manufacturer DHE is supposed to be on the street middle of Dec and I have a small supply in stock that I can ration. However if you see it in local pharmacies let me know please and thanks for your suggestion, too bad it did not work out in my case.

  2. All DHE users, my pharmacy just called me with the "Great News". My order of DHE finally came in after 4-5 month wait. Looks like it will truly be a Merry Christmas after all without all that Cluster pain. Go get it everyone.

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