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is it a migraine I'm having ?

Hi everyone,
i am a 21-year-old man and a computer engineering student.
I have had a feeling of heaviness and numbness in my head for years.

he's making my life a mess. It reduces my productivity, I can't study enough, I can't focus.

I've been to a neurology doctor before. I had CT scans and an MRI, but nothing came out of any of them.

apart from the feeling of numbness and tension in my head, the ringing in my ears does not stop either.

I'm gritting my teeth a lot too.(bruxism)

my jaw is a little behind birth, maybe tinnitus, I'm not sure about that.

and finally, I am currently deficient in B12.Actually, I have this problem often.

among the images I have added to this post, I will share photos of my dental x-rays, jaw x-rays, and strange Decapitations that I think are ocular migraine attacks that have appeared in front of my eyes several times.

  1. Hey there 😀. Welcome to Sorry to hear that you're struggling with a feeling of heaviness and numbness in your head. It sounds like it's really been impacting you these past few years. Have you considered seeing a headache/migraine specialist? I know you said that you've seen a general neurologist for your prior CT/MRI scans, but if you're concerned about having migraines, that could be a potential resource to consider. Here's an article about that if you're interested:

    We also have some information available about migraine that may be helpful, such as the most common symptoms of migraine: However, since we're not doctors here, we can't diagnose your condition or help narrow down if you're having migraines. Only you and another qualified medical professional can determine if your symptoms mean that you're experiencing migraines.

    Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns!
    - Cody (Team Member)

    1. Hi. You've been struggling a long time! I hear how frustrated you are. I echo Cody's suggestion that you try to seek out a headache specialist if at all possible. There are many kinds of headache and migraine, including some that don't feature pain.

      Here is a link to a directory of practitioners in the US:

      Additionally, you might have some success by working to treat the individual symptoms like neck tension and bruxism. Consider evaluating your work area and study spaces. Sitting in one position staring at screens for long periods could be contributing factors. A blue light filter or glasses could help there. Do you wear a night guard in your mouth when you sleep? Your dentist can work with you to get one -- it should help with some of the grinding.

      I also wonder if it may be useful to see a counselor or otherwise look at stressors in your life. Mental health can be a significant trigger for headaches and migraines, and you already have a lot going on with your schooling.

      Again, these are all just suggestions from someone who is not an expert and doesn't know you. But maybe something there will help. Typically, dealing with a headache disorder requires a "toolkit" of many strategies working together to find relief. Take good care of yourself. Let us know how it's going and if you have questions! -Melissa, team

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