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Is it a migraine or not?

Hey all. Help a sister out lol. This past Monday for the first time ever, I got tingling sensations in my tongue, mouth, around my lips, between my nose and upper lip as well as my nose. It was BIZARRE. TUESDAY - (24 hours later) I did get a migraine. Nurtec worked right away, thankfully. Tingling continued into today, (practically Sunday). However, this morning I got facial tingling, upper left scalp, temple, ear and a bit in my cheek. My left fingers and arm were tingling for a few minutes only. The tingling in my mouth is still going strong. Is this a complex migraine? Praying, no. Idt it’s an emergency bc it’s been almost 7 days!!! Is it relatrd to Tuesday’s actual pain-migraine? Thoughts? Neuro apt 8 am Mon to make sure this isn’t an autoimmune disorder or anything serious. Just had a clear MRI 11/1.

  1. That can be alarming, I hear you. It could be migraine with aura. Symptoms include numbness and tingling;
    Always good to let the doctor know when we have new and/or different symptoms. I'll wait patiently to hear what the doctor said.
    Nancy Harris Bonk, Patient Leader/Moderator Team

    1. I have been dealing with this exact thing for a couple of years now and have been diagnosed with complex migraine. Please post and let us know what your neurologist says. Thanks

      1. Have you shared these challenges with your neurologist/migraine specialist? Does s/he have any thoughts and/or have you tried anything that has helped with these symptoms? Tingling and numbness are known to accompany migraine: I wonder if that article resonates with you. Thinking of you- Holly ( team).

      2. the symptoms have dissipated somewhat, thankfully! Sweating here and there throughout the day randomly has remained.

    2. I am sorry you are dealing with this. What did your neurologist have to say? If you are worried about autoimmune issues, you can see a rheumatologist. Best wishes - Amanda W (team member)

      1. I am debating on doing this! Also, I noticed once off the BCP I got way less migraines. I had a 23 day break (haven’t had this since a fluke after botox cycle 2, 2 years ago) and only 2-4 migraines per month! Now I got 2, 2 day in a row. Idk if this is the beginning of a rough patch? It isn’t usual for me. Don’t get me wrong, I def can get several in a week but not 2 days back to back unless a bad month. Happened last in June when I had 7/mo. Thoughts?

      2. I hope this finds you doing well and free of your migraine cycle. Have you been unusually stressed or are you having unusual period (hormone) changes? I know if I am stressing out about something, it can trigger a very bad series of migraines for me. This series can last for days on end.

        Here is one of the articles from another community member about migraines and autoimmune disorders.

        Best wishes - Amanda W (team member)

    3. I'm so sorry you had to go through that! Tingling and numbness are one of my most feared symptoms, as they're so spread out on the body and bizarre. My first hemiplegic migraine felt a lot like that, with numbness in my face and left side. I thought I was getting paralyzed, or getting bells-palsy! The tingling ended up going away on its own, but still frightening along the way.

      I hope you've found comfort and help since these last updates. Wishing you a gentle and symptom-free day ~ Sawyer (team member)

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