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Jaw pain to Migraine?

So, I've been having some jaw tightening that has been transforming into head pain. Is this common? I have a tick where I clench my jaw (trying to get rid of it) then a headache (or migraine) comes to town. Is this normal for anybody? Could this also be connected to my recent tooth filling? Would love some insight from y'all!

Best ~ Sawyer (team member)

  1. Hey, Sawyer! Hope you're doing okay. I'm obviously not an expert, but from all I've seen here, jaw involvement is pretty common with migraine. In fact jaw issues can and do trigger migraine attacks (and even just plain-old headaches for folks who don't have migraine). Do you have a night guard to protect your teeth at night? Here are two articles that might resonate:

    Have you seen anybody about this yet? I'd definitely get on it if you haven't, just in case this is the beginning of a larger issue or a change. Of course, I hope not! It could also just be tension or stress-related. Regardless, checking in with your team is the way to go. Take care and let us know if you figure anything out!

    1. I have an awful gag reflex too! And reflux, so it's a real party at nighttime over here, ha. FWIW, the night guard I have isn't on my palate or anything. It basically just covers the teeth surfaces. Pic attached -- would you still have issues with this? I admit there are random nights where I wake up to find them back in the case, on my nightstand, on the floor or in my bed. But I'm sure glad for them. Fngers crossed. -Melissa, team

    2. I have no idea if this would work tbh. I've only ever used ones for boxing, so I'm not opposed to this!

  2. well, I see Melissa has already given you my article explaining the trigeminal nerve and migraine and how they are connected. I also have trigeminal neuralgia and I get a lot of jaw/teeth pain. I would have the dentist double check that when you had your filling that everything is ok and there isn't something there causing the pain - it could take time to settle. Unfortunately some of us develop trigeminal neuralgia (it is a comorbid condition of migraine) but hopefully that's not what is going on and it'll settle soon! If you are having it with your migraine attacks, just understanding that migraine activates the trigeminal nerve and can cause pain can help - so treating your migraine well quickly can help. But if the pain settles in, definately reach out to your headache specialist they are the ones that understand trigeminal neuralgia.

    1. Thank you so much for the insight! I'll definitely have to double check with my dentist to see if my fillings are too high and my teeth are pressing too hard on eachother. I hope it settles down soon too! It's probably my most upsetting trigger to date, so here's to its swift end. Thank you so much for the article tips! Wishing you the best ~ Sawyer ( team)

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