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Getting Rid of Jaw and Teeth Pain?

Hello, I’m Marc, 29 and suffered from sporadic migraines all of my life usually from stress and exhaustion. I get flashing lights, aura, nausea etc. Recently I have been getting migraines regularly. I was ill over Christmas and new year with a terrible migraine, which made me very faint, vomit, shakey etc. and I was in a lot of pain with it.
Mouth pain
It also mimicked toothache, which I’ve never really experienced before, so I actually thought this was the cause of my migraines. I went to the dentist but they said my teeth were fine, no issues. So I went to the doctor and they said it was migraine-related. I had run out of my tablets and the doctor gave Sumatriptan and took one of those tablets and it completely took away the migraine and pain. The past week or so I’ve been suffering from such a terrible migraine, I’ve today been given propranolol to take in the morning to try and stop them, along with more sumatriptan.
Any advice or experiences?
I’m really wondering if anyone else experiences this jaw and tooth pain? As I said, this is a new thing for me. It’s like a sharp pain, like a toothache but constant, and it’s not just one tooth, it’s a few teeth on the top and bottom on the left side of my mouth, Like an ache and then a stabbing pain. I am also feeling pain within the left side of my jaw also. And also a shooting pain from the top of my head, down into my teeth and jaw. I have taken a sumatriptan so hopefully, this will cease, but in the meantime, does anyone have any tips on how to stop or ease this awful pain?

  1. Hi mbeguk, I am sorry to hear you are experiencing jaw and tooth pain. Did your doctor have any explanation for it? I wanted to discuss a few things that involve jaw pain perhaps you could discuss with your doctor. The first is TMJ. The second is temporal arteritis: I also wanted to share this account of jaw pain with you: I hope you are able to find the answers you seek, keep us posted! ~Melanie ( team member)

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