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Ketamine infusions for migraines and chronic pain

Hey everyone, so I’ve been dealing with these horrible migraines for over 12 years now. Long story short the pain center I am in has suggested ketamine infusions as kind of my last resort, because I have literally tried everything else. This is supposed to help in conjunction with my migraines and my degenerative disc disease. I am in constant pain daily, which is causing me to spiral into a deep depression. I have heard many good things about ketamine infusions and how it’s been a game changer and how it has saved so many peoples lives. Normally I am not one to be afraid to try anything if it meant getting rid of these headaches, but for some reason to try this, I am beyond petrified, I know every person is different and every person is going to have a different experience. I’m just curious if anybody else has tried this for their migraines and if it has helped. I’m not so afraid of it not working. I guess I’m more so afraid of it being a really bad experience because I have heard people explain it as the scariest thing they have ever done. I just want to get as much in sight as possible from real honest people who struggle with the same disability. If it does happen to work then I will definitely be sharing my experience to hopefully help others find relief too. So 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻

  1. - Thank you so much for sharing your concerns with us. It totally makes sense for a new treatment to feel scary. I think it's wonderful that you are seeking out first-hand experiences with this approach before trying it. We have gathered a fair amount of this kind of information re: ketamine on our site, so I'm going to share the link that sends you to a page full of resources on the topic. Hopefully perusing this will give you some good information on the pros and cons of this drug: Let us know where you land after you take a look at these resources. It is so tough when we feel we have run out of options and are landing in a place only with options that are intimidating/terrifying. We each have to make our own decisions when at this crossroads. I felt this way initially about trying the CGRP drugs as there is relatively limited information about the longer-term impacts. But I found myself also realizing that I was basically bedridden and didn't have a lot to lose. The risk was worth it to me. This is a process you will have to go through to make your decision as well- and starting by gathering first-hand stories is a great and empowering step. We're with you and thinking of you. Warmly- Holly team.

    1. Hi, ricecake! I wanted to check in and see if you had a chance to check out the link that Holly sent you with all of our past articles and discussions on ketamine. Did it answer any questions or help you figure out what's best for you? Curious to see if you have any updates this week or if we can help with anything. Hoping you have peace of mind with whatever choice you make! -Melissa, team

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