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Lengthy Postdrome - is this a thing?

I had my first migraine headache last Thursday -- it was just awful. I'd never experienced any sort of pain like it, and felt completely helpless. What was worse, it took 4-5 days for the pain to start to subside, regardless of prescription medications, hydration, rest, etc.

My postdrome symptoms were textbook. I felt exhausted, "hunover" spent. But my dizziness never really stopped. And now, three days after the postdrome stage started, I'm still feeling the mental fog, depression, feelings of incapability.

I keep reading that the postdrome phase only lasts about 1 days. Is it normal to be going into day 4?

  1. Hi EricaSchmerica,

    I'm sorry you had such a rough experience. Were you able to contact your doctor? Anytime we have new and/or different symptoms its always a good idea to talk with the doctor so he can rule out other conditions.

    Postdrome can last typically 24-48 hours after an attack, but I've heard from people who say they don't feel right afterwards for a number of days. Here is information on postdrome that may help; and

    If you're not feeling better, please contact your doctor and let us know how you are.

    1. Just going though topics looking for postdrome headers. I'm on preventatives and I have good medication that stops the pain, but my postdrome lasts for days. I feel like I've been drugged, my limbs feel like lead and I can't wait to get home to go to sleep. I'm on my third day of postdrome right now and I'm still in a fog. Does anyone else have these prolonged postdromes?

      1. Hi Anne

        I've only been having migraines about three years (I' 26) so I'm still learning which symptoms are constant each time.

        My last post drome was four days long - aching limbs and stiffness, constant yawning, tiredness, brain fog, nausea. I was actually worried that it was something else entirely, and then woke up on the fifth day and it was all gone, which made me realise it was all linked to the migraine five days prior.

        It's been one of the harder parts of migraine to cope with, as outwardly every one else things I'm better but really it's just as bad as the initial attack

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