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From age 3 until now, will this journey change direction away from its lifelong course?

I've had migraines my entire life. Both parents have them, both grandmothers had them, my aunt and one of my uncles have them, most of my cousins have them, my sister has them worse than me... We don't have any family reunions. Haha.. I remember banging my head on the floor when I was 4 yrs old trying to stop the pain... Migraineous Status didn't come until after my 2nd child was born. They lasted for 2 1/2 years. My neuroligist fed me the A - Z med buffet, hoping something would take. It didn't. I did get addicted to hydrocodone, though, so that was awesome. ( joking ) My dad found out about a liquid multivitamin and a powder calcium magnesium supplement that had "cured" his friend's migraines so he ordered some and came to me in his superhero mode, equipped with a months supply for yours truely. 3 days later I woke up with no pain. None. I felt NOTHING happening in my head. It was like the band of demons packed up and snuck out while I was sleeping. It was so strange to me... feeling nothing. It actually scared me at first. I took the supplements for years, sharing my success with other sufferers. Unfortunately, it didn't work for everyone including my sister. After my divorce I couldn't afford to take them every day and eventually weaned off. I got two, maybe 3 migraines a year which is 3 too many but still a picnic compared to the years before. Oh yeah, I weaned off the hydrocodone, too. That wasn't easy either. I craved them more than coffee and chocolate. Amen??? So I'm 55 now and menopause has been my m.o. for 9 fulfilled and fluffy years. It moved into my body, kicked out ALL of my collagen, installed an upper torso interior furnace, and drove my metabolism off a cliff. It's been great! And to top all that fun stuff off, I'm back in cranium cramp camp. I know this is not funny subject. I've become a sarcastic sufferer in my "Golden Years". My husband of 10 years now is frustrated.. "Why won't you go to the doctor"? The other day my father in law stopped by and made the comment "I'm tired of you being sick all the time. Aren't you"? If I could have risen up out of my bed... I got addicted to Percocet this go round. I knew it was a sure thing as did my Dr. but, like the first time it was a choice he and I together decided to make. As many of you can attest, what the relief it gave me was small in comparison to the side effects, headache being the #1 on the list. I'm now taking Suboxone every day. It's like methadone in that it disallows opioids to work or be felt. I was ecstatic to learn I wouldn't have to go through the Perc withdrawls this time. Wait. Don't go rushing to your Dr. You have to go to a SPECIAL psychiatrist and your ins co. may not cover it. Mine charges me $145 every 21 days. Suborned does finally come in a generic format so it's only $85 a month vs $365.. If that doesn't turn you off how about Suboxone causes withdrawal 10 times worse than if you took 10 10mg Percocets a day and quit cold turkey. I've cut down to one eighth of a strip but if I go more than 24 hours it feels like glasses moving through my intestines, my legs jerk, and I have zero energy. A lot of people don't understand what we go through. Suffering from migraine headaches is it just that one thing at all is it? It's a whole bunch of things that comes along with the pain. The facts that maintaining career is out of the question and keeping a job running a close second to, your friend stop calling, people start judging, the depression... 5 months ago I noticed a faint whistling noise in my ears. Now it's like 9 different streams of whirring electrical frequencies, constant, increasingly louder, especially during a migraine. I wonder... am I hearing my blood circulate through the vessels in my brain? Is that going to be what the fat lady sings for me?

  1. I'm so sorry you've been through so much. Are you seeing a migraine specialist? April - Team

    1. I'm sorry to hear you're struggling so much right now. You've really been through a lot!

      The title of your post asks if your journey might change course—please know that it can. I've been doing migraine advocacy since 2005 and have encountered countless people who thought they'd have severe disabling migraine only to find unexpected relief. I include myself in that tally. I found an effective treatment a few years ago and it has been utterly life-changing. So please know that it can happen.

      It sounds like you could really benefit from seeing a headache specialist. They could help you find acute treatment to help with the attacks and also steer you toward a preventive that could provide relief. That you had so much success with the supplement you used to take is really promising. Maybe there's something similar in a different dose that could help now. And they may have recommendations for managing migraine while on Suboxone—it might require a specialized approach that I'm not familiar with.

      The sounds you describe hearing could be tinnitus. I also have tinnitus that gets worse during migraine attacks and agree it can be miserable! That's something else a headache specialist can help with—finding effective migraine treatment dulled my tinnitus significantly. And there are also techniques you can learn to make it less bothersome.

      Best wishes in your treatment journey. It sounds like you have a lot of promising options.

      Take care,
      Kerrie, contributor and moderator

      1. Thank you for reaching out and share your journey with us. I hear how frustrating it is to live with migraine - a neurological condition.
        I've been down the opioid route as well. Worked when it worked, then didn't and created a new host of issues. Tough to get off for sure.
        gave you some great information that it may be time to see a true expert who treats migraine and headache. These expert doctors can have a HUGH impact in our care. Let me share that information with you:
        Please know you're not alone - we're here for you.
        Nancy Harris Bonk, Patient Leader/Moderator Team

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