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MAO inhibitors and tyramine diet

Is anybody here on an MAO inhibitor like EMSAM (Selegeline) over 10mg a day and adhering to tyramine diet? I find that diet almost impossible to do as I only eat the stuff that is excluded (salami, olives, nice cheeses: Pamegian, Blue cheese, feta, gravy, cured meats,soy (sauces- which excludes Chines), oranges, jams, vinegar, sourdough, even brokkoli! I'm German and can rule out ever going to Europe again!..😀

  1. Hi again- thanks so much for posting this question. I don't have experience in this but wanted to share this post which makes reference to the connection between the two in the comment section: Certainly does sound restrictive! I did an elimination diet to uncover my migraine triggers and realized that I had to cut out dairy, gluten, alcohol, caffeine, red meat, and sugar. That was a major shift for me. You're not alone in this tough kind of transition. Thinking of you-Holly team.

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