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Meds for attacks

I am struggling to find a medication that I like for when I’m having a migraine attack.
I do take topamax daily to help prevent.
I have tried imitrex and it made me nauseous.
I have tried relpax and zomig and both made my body ache terribly.
Looking for other suggestions?

  1. Hello Bri, thank you for reaching out! I hear how much you are struggling to find a migraine abortive/rescue treatment that does not cause you severe side-effects. While we cannot offer specific treatment recommendations over the internet (for your safety) this article provides an introduction to the various abortive treatments, including the ones you have already tried:
    Additionally, there are newly approved CGRP abortive treatments that are just coming to the market that you might also discuss with your doctor. To date, those are Ubrelvy, Vyepti, and Nurtec. One additional new abortive that is not a CGRP but is a serotonin receptor agonist is Reyvow. Information on each of them can be found in these articles:
    I hope you are able to find a treatment that helps you manage your symptoms. Please keep us posted on what you discover. Wishing you a gentle day. ~Allyson ( team)

    1. Hi. I have just had a renewal of my chronic migraine after a 20 month hiatus. I have had 95% of all known treatments including all tablets, all injections, all infusions. Aimovig did not work. The only treatment that has worked is Botox but it has also failed. My big problem is pain management. No pain medication works. Morphine, Fentanyl (huge doses), tramadol, Targin, ketamine (the best of a bad lot but less accessible). Any suggestions?

      1. What works best for me is a combination of fioricet and tramadol.

        1. Has anyone ever tried Rizatriptan for migraines? It was just prescribed to me but I’m Leary of taking it

          1. It works best at the onset of the pain
            I've a migraine treatment plan that helps so I rarely go to the hospital for care

          2. Hi

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