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Microbiome, gut health and migraines.

Has anybody else had experience of using Yakult probiotic yoghurt for gut health?
Cutting a big story short, there's a lot of evidence building that gut health plays a big part in our general health. Whether you suffer migraines, Parkinson's, MS, anxiety, depression and many others, a diverse gut health plays a big part in keeping us well.

My story goes as follows. I was taken ill (30th April 2021) and diagnosed with diverticulitis (not important). Then given antibiotics to kill the infection. A nurse friend advised me to "top up" my gut with fresh bacteria as the antibiotics kills it all off.
So I tried Yakult and took a bottle an hour or two after each dose of tablets.
As I started to feel better I noticed the absence of my regular 2 a week migraines.
After finishing the tablets I continued taking Yakult once or twice a day, sometimes not at all but never missing more than a day.
Since 30th of April 2021 I haven't had a single migraine, no symptoms and no triggers. My usual triggers were lack of sleep, dehydration, not eating good food regularly, playing for prolonged spells on the PC, alcohol.
My Mum has also started taking Yakult and noticed her IBS has ceased after years of suffering.

My next thing is to try other fermented foods such as Kimchi, Sauerkraut and Kefir. Give them a go peeps and let us all know if they help please.

  1. Hi there! So wonderful to hear you're having such impressive results from probiotics. I don't know about Yakult specifically, but I do know we have had many conversations around here about gut health, probiotics and their connection to migraine. Each person is unique, so it's not a magic cure, but it does seem to help for many people.

    I thought you might want to see some of those past discussions, so here's a link to a search I did for you:

    Thanks so much for sharing your success with us. We love hearing good news! -Melissa, team

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