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I currently use Midrin for my headaches. This helps my migraines significantly. This medicine was previously discontinued. My Dr. gave me a prescription for a compounding pharmacy. So being unavailable is not an excuse for using this drug. It has recently come back on the market through Macoven Pharmaceuticals. Midrin was discontinued because it was developed before the FDA became involved with product approval. That is the only reason. It was not because the ingredients were dangerous.

  1. Hi September2014,

    Thanks for sharing that information with use. I too use a midrin equivalent and it works well to stop the migraine process. The only problem is my insurance won't cover it and it is about $250. I try to stretch it as far as possible - which is not always a good thing.

    You are correct, this medication was not discontinued do to ingredients, but because it was made before the FDA's current approval method. We have information about this here;


    1. Nancy,

      I pay about $1 per capsule using the GoodRx discount ( or getting it from Costco's pharmacy (you don't have to be a member) or a compounding pharmacy. Still not cheap, but I'm guessing you aren't getting 250 capsules for your $250!


      1. Thank you so much! I've signed up for GoodRx and am excited to use it!! A little surprised I wasn't aware of this - 🙁

        Again many thanks!


        1. GoodRx can be unreliable (which is why I haven't written a post about it). Meds are sometimes more or less than the price listed. Usually it's within a few dollars, but generic Ritalin was once $50 more than listed! Pharmacists have told me this usually only happens with controlled substances, so Midrin shouldn't be an issue.

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