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From few days I have throbbing pain in one side of my head and always feel like depressed or cranky and also feel very sleepy most of the time.I think these all are the symptoms of migraine.I took regular medicine but not finding any improvement so if some one having any knowledge about best neurologist please suggest me.

  1. Hi mheadacherelif,

    Do these symptoms happen a few days before your migraine attack? It's not uncommon to feel depressed, fatigue, irritability, food cravings, more frequent urination and yawning, to name a few. These can occur in the first phase of a migraine attack called prodrome. This can occur anywhere from 24-48 hours before the other phases of migraine do. Here is more information on the phases of migraine;

    Neurologists may be fine doctors but have difficult time being experts in one area. This is because they treat so many different conditions like multiple sclerosis, stroke, epilepsy and others. Migraine/headache disorder specialists are just that, experts in one area, migraine and headache. They have extra board certification in headache medicine whereas all neurologists do not. It's also important to note that all neurologists are NOT migraine/headache disorder specialists even though they may claim to be and all migraine/headache disorder specialists are not neurologists. Here is some information on what makes these doctors so special and then a link on how to find one; and

    I hope this is helpful,

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