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Hi there Migraine sufferers, I came across this site while trying to research the causes of migraines and thought I would tell my story. I was involved in an accident many years ago which I have no recollection of. I was found on the side of the road. I was taken to hospital where among other things I had a fractured skull. About 5 days after leaving hospital the migraines started. All I can say is I totally understand how you all feel as I felt totally dreadful, vomiting, sight issues, severe headaches and pain. One of the worst feelings was how alone I felt and a wanting to know why these migraines were happening. Eventually they controlled my life, I dreaded the moment I felt one coming on. Every week they would come and I felt like they were in control of my life. Eventually out of nowhere and after 15 years of agony they just stopped, just like that they stopped and haven't come back again. I'm really just posting my story to say I understand how you feel having migraines and don't give up as there may come a time like for me when they stop.

  1. Thanks for sharing.

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