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Migraine after Covid vaccine

Has anyone struggled with a long migraine cluster after getting the Covid vaccine? I got the Moderna shot Thursday afternoon and cannot get this cluster to end. I am way past my max for meds for the week and will have to go to the ER for an abortive tomorrow if it continues. It’s not a bad migraine, it just won’t quit! Day 5 means one hell of a lot of Frova and Ubrelvy and so much for my stockpile I had built up. Just wanted to see if this was happening to others. Thanks.

  1. , I am so sorry to hear you are experiencing a more prolonged migraine episode than usual after your Covid vaccine. Was it your 2nd shot? I have heard of people who experience migraine (particularly if they are already migraine sufferers to begin with) after their shot, you definitely are not alone in that experience- but I don't believe I have heard of it hanging on for 5 days. However, your experience is your experience, we all experience migraine so differently, so I am sorry to hear this is happening to you! I hope it subsides quickly. Warmly, Melanie (team member)

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