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Migraine and eye issues?

Hello, all. I am new to this place. It is hard to find a place of this sort. Generally, forums will be in general and place of this sort is concentrated to a particular thing and better then messed discussions. I work for an MNC at Seattle. I am having a severe migraine for the last two months. And though I had these before, it was two months back I was diagnosed with it. I am experiencing a difficulty in seeing these days. I shared about this with my friend and he said there are chances for a person who I s already having migraine issues. My dad has asked to consult a Doc and he himself have fixed an appointment with a Doc at Evergreen eye care. Will it be good to consult an eye specialist in this situation? Will it be useful in my situation? Or should I continue with the migraine medicines or take separate medicines for this?

  1. Hi Sizzlers,

    Thank you for your post. I am happy you have found our site. I hope you find the information helpful and community members supportive and informative! I am sorry to hear you have been experiencing a migraine for the past two months and that you are having difficulty seeing. You mentioned taking migraine medication, however have you seen a migraine specialist? We always suggest here at, checking one out if new symptoms crop up or if an attack persists for a long time. It seems like seeing a doctor would be helpful, as he or she would be able to provide you with the most comprehensive answers to your questions. Here is some information on how to find a specialist -, I hope you can find one near you! Also, the following article discusses the importance of getting an eye exam, along with some information on the relationship between eye difficulties and migraine -,, I thought you would find them helpful as well! Please continue to keep us posted on your progress. We love hearing from you!


    Meaghan ( Team)

    1. I recently have started experiencing very bad migraines that are unbearable and have had the same migraine (some days not so bad, some days I can't pick my head up) for 2.5 months now. I've been diagnosed with migraines since I was 15 and am now 36. I saw a neurologist for years and still see one. I just did the 1 hr EEG and then the 72 hr EEG at home last week. I have been having odd episodes where I seem to space out but can hear what's going on around me for almost 1.5 months now. When I don't have those, I have had what my family describes as seizures where I don't remember anything at all but "wake up" panicked and crying (I have anxiety as well). I am apparently shaking and twitching during these episodes with my eyes rolled back or staring off. They say my fingers start moving and I make an odd noise at onset and then I don't respond to them at all until it's over for awhile. I do get a weird feeling before this happens and try to tell someone I don't feel well if they're in the room with me. When it's over I'm crying silently at first and then panic and cry like a child when they're scared. I'm also experiencing a speech impediment at times, similar to that of a stroke patient. It's not everyday but it's most days now and it really hinders my life and ways to communicate. The Dr thinks this could be stress related?
      I'm on meds for seizures now and did a round of steroids as well to try to reduce inflammation of the blood vessels in my head. MRI results and CT scans have been normal except for swollen or smaller blood vessels.
      I lose my eyesight in both eyes at times but haven't had sight in my right eye (normal for my right eye for about 4 yrs now to do this when i have a migraine) since this migraine started. Nothing makes it go away, not migraine meds (I have 4 types), been to ER twice and given meds (3 different kinds) that still didn't help. I can't stand the sunlight or any light coming in to the side of my eyes but that is normal for me for many years now. My eyes are so sensitive to any type of light and have been for as long as I can remember. Now they feel as if they're on fire all of the time and I often lay an ice pack across them to try to help.
      I was sent to an Opthalmology specialist where they did an eye exam and series of tests including taking pics behind my eyes to check for optic nerve swelling. She is sending me to a Neuro Ophthalmologic specialist this coming week because she couldn't find out what the problem is.
      I am seeking advice or anyone who has been through this before. We have a history of pseudotumor cerebri in our family but my niece has it and we've never found anyone other than her with it in our family. I was given a pre-diagnosis of that at my hospital visits because it's hereditary and they believe she may have gotten it from me. My migraines have never really been "treatable" as in most people can go get a shot from their Dr and be rid of it and I have done it for years now, sometimes they help some but most times they just ease it up enough for me to sleep for 12+ hrs.

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