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Migraine and hobbies/activities

I'm a runner. I played soccer most of my life. I'm now 32, have an amazing supportive family. I run almost daily to clear my head. My migraines started when I was 17 after witnessing a horrible accident involving my mom. I try to accept it and move on with my life but I just can't 🙁
Running used to help with my migraines, now it seems to cause them, normally after, sometimes during. I've tried doing other hobbies but they really don't help (reading, video games, gardening)

Has anyone else experienced this with their hobbies or migraine relieving activities? If so, how'd you deal?

Thanks in advance 😀

  1. Hi SimplySega,

    Unfortunately our migraine patterns can change over time which can be frustrating. Have you mentioned these changes to your doctor? It is important to discuss different and/or new symptoms your doctor so he can rule out other serious conditions.

    Are you getting frequent attacks? It's thought that anyone who has three or more severe migraine attacks a month needs to discuss migraine prevention with their doctor. Let me share information on migraine prevention with you;

    Hobbies and exercise are wonderful ways to relieve stress and stay healthy, but won't stop a migraine. Many people are able to distract themselves during a migraine with hobbies and/or activities. Some people use their laptops, notepads and other devices to help with distraction. I am not one of those people, when I have a migraine I am unable to concentrate on much of anything. I did want to let you know that migraine is a genetic neurological disorder which is thought to be caused by genetics and a cascade of events that impact overly excitable neurons in our brains. When our overly sensitive brains are triggered by certain stimuli such as changes in the weather, hormones, dehydration, sleep issues, and certain foods, and others, a Migraine may occur.

    Hopefully others will be along to share their stories with you,


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