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Migraine and Marijuana?

Hello there folks. I simply needed to inquire as to whether any of you had a go at utilizing restorative weed for headache? I've been languishing serious headache over very nearly a year now and been given a solution for pills for my prescription. In any case, I heard alot of individuals disclosing to me that weed soothes headache however im not im not certain if its actual so I came up to look something about this thought and ran over this marijuana strain from it says that I can dispose of all types of stress and its euphoric buzz it conveys frequently is helpful in battling headache. I needed to hear your musings about this folks and on the off chance that you can give me any tips that can help me with my headache. Much obliged to you!

  1. Hi Burkhard,

    Thank you for your question and sharing your story with us. We have a number of articles on this site I can share with you, which you can find here;

    I've been a certified medical cannabis user here in NYS since May of this year and have had good results with it for my chronic head and neck pain.


    1. Have you tried using magic mushroom while having a severe migraine? This got me curious because i've came across this one article about a magic mushroom is used for treating cluster headaches here in .. It gives you plifting sensation surges into the mind and the body which promotes a sense of happiness. What are your idea about this?

      1. I'm super curious about this also. Medical marijuana hasn't been super helpful for me. I look forward to responses

        1. Hi Timotej,

          Thank you for your question. You may want to reach out to Clusterbusters for more information on this. I've not heard them used for migraine disease, just cluster headache attacks.


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