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Migraine day after travel?

Has anyone experienced this that can offer ideas? I live in a dry climate (Colorado) and anytime I fly to a more humid climate, I wake up with a migraine the next day. It usually doesn't happen when I fly to the west coast. I'm ok if I drive and it happens no matter what time I land. I think it is the drastic change in pressure my head can't tolerate. I've ruled out stress, dehydration, junk food, and alcohol. I've tried sudefed before a flight.

Anyone else experience this and have a suggestion of what to try next? Thanks!!

  1. Welcome and thanks so much for this important question. What you describe here definitely falls within a dynamic we hear about regularly. Migraine seems to thrive on change and also barometric pressure changes are a classic trigger as well. As is air travel! So, you are throwing into the mix three potential triggers at once. We hear of folks who are coming from humid climate to dry, or dry to humid - and the attacks that follow can at times be more about the drastic transition of change in climate than the climate itself. Since it doesn't happen to you when traveling to the West coast, it's less likely air travel that is a trigger for you.

    When storms roll through CO and there's a change in weather there, do you experience attacks? Just curious is weather is a normal trigger for you. Also, do the attacks continue the entire time you stay in the humid climate or just during your arrival day(s)?

    There's not a ton we can do for barometric pressure-related attacks- however, there is a drug out there that may be of help. This article discusses that option: Another option is the talk with your neurologist about proactively taking your rescue medication (assuming you take a migraine rescue medication) proactively on your travel day. Are you seeing a migraine specialist or neurologist and do you have a treatment protocol that includes a rescue medication?

    Thanks again for chiming in. We are here for you and in this with you! Warmly- Holly team.

    1. Hi Holly, thanks for your response!
      No, weather doesn't trigger my attacks. And thankfully, the attack is only that first day of a trip, during my sleep. I will look into rescue medication and will check out your link but I would love to find a way to prevent this attack since I can predict it. I have to travel a day early and that isn't always practical. I do not see a neurologist or specialist, I feel have control over my headaches/migraines in general with the exception of this situation. I am not against seeing one but feel they will simply prescribe something rather than work with me to find a way to prevent the attack.

      Thanks again for your response and support! It feels to good to have people who understand!

      1. Glad to hear this condition isn't pervasive enough to require a specialist at this time. What do you take for it currently? It could just be a matter of taking whatever you take for it when it hits a bit earlier before the trip, proactively? Here's a list of OTC treatment options: This could be something you could discuss with your GP. Thinking of you- Holly ( team).

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