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Migraine Dianosis

Hi I have been suffering for over 30 years with migraines. I tried excederine migraine when it first came out and it worked fine then it quit working. I went to different medications and injectors with some help but as time has gone on well it loses its ability to work. I'm now in my late 40's with me currently using Treximet. Some doctors and neurologist say I have regular migraines ans some say I have cluster headaches. Oxygen doesn't work. Pain is usually on the right or left lower neck and left eye goes droppy till I'm incoherent and nausea. I'm a walking weather station and feel it influences them as well. Moves over my head till numb. Beer and wine influences them. Ear pain sharp sort of like cramp to where you cannot touch my ear. Last for a few minutes to a couple of hours. I now started having digestive issues and what's next? I would love to have a complete guide to the make of what migraine I have, what I need to manage, and how to live a regular normalcy without co dependency of the medication. Thoughts?

  1. Hi Trendt,

    Sorry you've been suffering so long and have been told conflicting diagnoses from different doctors. I understand how that can feel! It's good that you've identified some triggers, things that can start a headache, like beer/wine and weather. Have any of your doctors had you keep a headache diary to record the symptoms, medications, and possible triggers? Also, Treximet is definitely a medication that can be helpful to take when a migraine attack starts, but has a doctor had you try any preventive medications?

    Were any of your doctors headache specialists? Many neurologists do treat headaches but if you are looking for a more complete "guide" as you're saying (which I think is completely understandable!), a headache specialist will really be able to help you with this. They can first confirm if you have migraines or cluster headaches (or perhaps both types) or another type of headache, rule out any possible conditions that could cause headache, and guide you on lifestyle changes and possibly medication that can help your condition.

    Here is a link about headache specialists and how to find one in your area:

    Also you mention digestive issues. Though our headaches can change symptoms and this is often part of our experience as migraine and headache sufferers, it is always best to mention to your doctor any new symptoms.

    One last note since you seem interested in treatment that doesn't involve medication as well, alternative medicine can be a great avenue to try. Here is a link to get you started:

    Hope this is helpful, and feel free to reach out with any questions at any time.

    Be well,

    1. Thanks for the help Lisa - I've kept a diary on two occasions and one with my regular doctor with little result and one with a neurologist and same situation. They could not figure in triggers at all. My last go around with a neurologist was very discomforting to say the least. We tried every preventive medication with no help. After a year of trial and error she said well your on your own and I can't help with any type of prevention. I was very shocked with the comment but what could I do? I will definitely start to work with this a little more..... 😀

      1. Hi Trendt,

        Glad to be helpful. Unfortunately I've heard so many times from people that a doctor has said "I can't help you anymore." That's simply not true! there's always something more that can be done. Are your headaches chronic? If so, did your doctor try Botox with you? Not all neurologists administer Botox, but if this is something you haven't tried, it is one example of a possible treatment to look into.
        There are countless treatments and I as a moderator on this site are learning more and more every day.

        This is one reason we often recommend a certified Headache Specialist as they should hopefully know what options you do have and be able to give a correct diagnosis.

        I mentioned this above, but in my personal experience, alternative medicine practitioners always seem to have a new idea for me to try. It seems almost limitless. I've seen chiropractors, physical therapists, a naturopathic doctor, and a traditional Indian medicine doctor (ayurvedic doctor). I think it can be very helpful for us to have one of these practitioners on our side because when all else fails, they can often provide some relief. Of course the only down side is finding the right one for you that you can afford!

        I hope for the best in your continued journey in finding help for your headaches/migraines and please do let us know how you're doing.

        Be well,

        1. I have been told they are not Chronic but more of a spell. My biggest downfall is all the head trauma I've been in from sports when I was younger. Football, wrestling, baseball, and other activites from when I was five years old on up. I've seen all of them too like chiropractors so on so on. I will try one of the listed doctors and keep trying to get a 100 percent determination.

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