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Migraine "Diet"

I am trying my hardest to follow this migraine diet. No MSG, no caffeine, no asparatame, no nutrasweet, no splenda, no equal, no chocolate, no aged cheeses, no live yeasts, no citric acids, Oh this LIST goes on and on and on from my doctor. Im in the grocery store confused! Does anyone have a list of foods you CAN eat and also when I go out to resturants what do you suggest we should eat (I know Chinese is out LOL)

I didn't realize Avocado's triggered migraines, I kept thinking why do I keep getting migraines after eating my salad and avocado dip! Now I know! Who knew. Im a chocoholic and I'm craving CHOCOLATE BAD!! But I did see you can have Vanilla Wafers, so thats helping me with my sweet craving (not the same) but I will take it. LOL

If any one has any suggestions I would love to hear them 😀

  1. I have a copy of a "migraine diet" which lists foods to avoid and allowable foods but don't know how to attach it to this.

    1. Would you be able to email it to me? At s****@*****

      Thank you 😀

      **comment edited by moderator to remove personal contact information per community rules**

      1. Will do right now!

        1. If you're craving chocolate, you might try white chocolate. I believe that Buchholz's book "Heal Your Headache" does allow it because it doesn't have the caffeine that other chocolate has.


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