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Migraine Diet

Hey guys,
I'm trying to start looking into triggers more closely, and food triggers seem to be quite an overwhelming topic. Partially because they're so variable, and partially because it can take days or minutes to be affected.
There are a number of books and websites out there about what you should/shouldn't eat, I'm just wondering if any of the resources are better or more useful than others?

  1. Hi Pendragon,
    Thank you for posting on our forums. We commend you on trying to hone in on your triggers. Food triggers are an overwhelming topic- there are a lot of variables at play. That being said it is definitely worth looking into.
    We have a lot of information about food triggers on our website:

    Here is an overview:

    A list of top migraine food triggers:

    Food chemicals:

    Elimination diet:

    Food allergy testing:

    Let us know if you'd like anymore info on a specific topic. Hopefully these resources are helpful to you!
    Thanks for being part of our community.

    Jillian ( Team)

    1. I just started the Low Tyramine Diet. Tyramine is a natural chemical found in foods, including aged cheeses, dried fruit, olives, wine/peer , leftovers > 2 days old. You can Google it to get achart if foods

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