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“Migraine” eyeglasses

I’m seeing ads for the red-lens eyeglasses that are supposed to help with migraines by filtering certain light spectrums. Has anyone had success with these glasses, or know anything about them?

  1. HI GeeLo,

    Thank you for your question and being here with us!

    I've heard very good things about TheraSpecs and in fact have a pair of their outdoor sunglasses and love them. A number of my colleagues have glasses from them as well and are very happy. You can read more about TheraSpecs here;

    Another company is Axon Optics, however I have no personal experience with them. Here is information on this company:

    Good luck and please let me know which one you picked!

    1. There specs and AxonOptics both offer great service! Pricey!!
      Yes, they ease photophobia. As a preventative? don't know but I choose to wear them often hoping they are preventing a few. Help with devices(tolerating screen) and tv watching. Wear to shop often . Blocking those florescent bulbs.

      1. I bought a pair, but they gave me a migraine. I have no idea why.

        1. Hi Kkyd,

          I'm sorry to hear that. I wonder if it wasn't the glasses, rather a migraine attack was on the way regardless?

          Just a thought!

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