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Migraine occurring more frequently

I recently posted to some job location. I am working in an IT company. For last few weeks I am getting frequent migraine attacks. I had consulted some doctors and they prescribed me to have family support and change the location which is triggering my migraine.
My manager is not accepting my request and saying that it's not a serious issue.
What should I do now????
I am unable to control my pain.

  1. Hi avinash15,

    I'm sorry to hear you are struggling with this. So, your doctor has written a note saying you need to relocate (as in moving your family) due to migraines? Or relocate your particular work location? Pardon my confusion, I'm just trying to understand the situation so I can be more helpful. Either way it sounds like your manager has never suffered an attack and needs a bit of migraine education. We have information in this link for those people who don't "get it"; and

    Can you have another conversation with your manager? Is there someone over him you can speak with if that conversation doesn't go well? There is also the Family Medical Leave Act or FMLA that you may want to take advantage of. Read more about that here; and and

    Many things can trigger an attack and can include certain odors, lights, sounds, foods and other things. Do you by any chance know what some of your triggers are outside your work environment? If we can identify and manage our triggers we may be able to reduce our migraine frequency. To figure out what our triggers are, keeping a migraine diary is essential. It is easier than ever because there are so many apps out there. This article has information about how to keep a migraine diary;

    I hope this helps, keep me posted.


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