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Migraine Basics: Favorite Activities & Interests

We want to get to know you! Our Migraine Basics forum series features different questions for our community to learn more about each other's lives and journeys with migraine.

[Reminder: please do NOT include any personal information, such as your phone number, email address, or physical address. We want to protect your privacy!]

What are some of your interests or favorite activities? Have you had to let go of any hobbies due to migraine?

  1. Hi all!
    Living with chronic migraine has been exhausting and frustrating for sure. On the other hand it's given me a purpose and I've met so many wonderful people.
    I've found another passion - watercolor painting! I started painting in 2023 and truly find it takes my mind off things and I can use my creative talents a bit. Here are a few of my paintings!
    I love to bake and am working on my first gluten free sourdough starter - I'll keep you posted!

    1. I have several passions and hobbies first I love to cook and love coming up with new recipes that are my own and secondly, I love baseball and follow all teams. years ago, I actually bought and sold baseball autographs for a living. Finally I love music listening to music and reading books, but the reading I have to do in moderation I can no longer read a 900 page book in two days because I will get a migraine.

      1. Love hearing about your varied interests/passions/hobbies. I have the same challenge with reading and have had to shift to audiobooks to avoid triggering a migraine from reading. What a cool thing that you bought and sold baseball autographs for a living! May I ask why you stopped?
        We will be launching a series shortly asking for community members to share their favorite recipes! Please stay tuned!
        What's your favorite music? So glad you're with us.
        Warmly - Holly - team

    2. I enjoy ham radio, but can't really do it with a migraine. I had to make a hard rule that I can't use Morse Code (CW) if I have a migraine, or even a hint of one. The irregular fast beeping will do it! It saddens me, because my grandfather flew seaplanes in WWII and started teaching me code during childhood, so I really enjoy it. I get aphasia during migraines, so forget talking on air. I could hook up my computer to my radio and use a digital mode, but that would mean hooking everything up just right and battling with technology. Something would likely go wrong, which could damage equipment in the worst case. So I have to put down the radio during a migraine and wait until the all clear. Then I enjoy it even more!

      1. Thank you for joining the conversation and sharing your ham radio interest with us.
        How wonderful your grandfather taught you Morse Code - that must have been fascinating.
        Life with migraine requires loads of flexibility and giving ourselves grace when we're in the middle of an attack. No one asks to have migraine disease, so it's not our fault!
        How are you doing today? I'm sending along pain free wishes, Nancy Harris Bonk Patient Leader/Moderator Team Member

    3. Migraine zaps so much energy, that the workouts I used to enjoy no longer happen. I go for walks when I feel able, which is better than nothing. I've gained so much weight. I started's relatively quiet, depending on which sewing machine I'm using at the time..and it's easy to stop mid-project if I need to. I had never sewn before so I started taking classes and then eventually bought a sewing machine. I didn't like making clothes or curtains but when I tried making a quilt, the creative license was very appealing. Other life issues often interfere, especially lately, which prevents me from taking time to relax and work on a quilt, but it is something that the daily headaches and my migraines have allowed me to do during my down time.A few of my quilts from last 5 years

      1. Wow!! Thank you so much for taking the time to share your passion with us. These quilts are gorgeous! Also, is that a quilt of the cast from supernatural? I've never even watched the show and recognized them immediately. - Cody (Team Member)

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