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I had a mini stroke with my migraine

This surprised me and my children that day this was in 2018 and I had 3 of my children in the house.
I went to my dark room with my "normal" migraine and my middle boy checked on me and asked if I needed anything .
I shook my head no and he looked so shocked and said mom don't panic but I need you to change out of your pj's and get dressed your going to the e.r. I wanted to ask why but my tongue felt so weird and my left eye wouldn't open for some reason.
I got dressed and he got me to the e.r. the nurse took one look at me and got me straight to a room .
I thought oh no what in the world happened to me ? And started to kind of freak out ..
The doctor showed up and started asking me questions but my voice sounded odd and garbled .
I was so glad my son was there to make sense of my noises.
And so happy he knew my difficult history of migraines and a previous stroke after the birth of my 4th child.
He looked me over and talked to both of us but I couldn't tell you what he had said.
He must have ordered tests because people started rolling in checking my heart , blood , etc.
(I asked my son later what all they did .)
This was confusing to me with barely opening one eye open on the left and just having a normal migraine day.
We were there most of the night as they tried to get my migraine pain down and make sure the stroke was gone.
Turns out my left eye now is permanent the blinking part is slower but , it works just gets tired faster. But no complaining from me. My tongue turned out to be I bit it during the stroke.
For me?
The doctor told me I have to keep my migraines under control because I have migraines 24/7 .
Apparently this was a warning from my body that I put too much stress on it and because of my previous stroke I was more ready to have another with stress.
This was a good knock on the head to behave myself with stress and I hopefully have .

  1. That sounds like a truly scary situation. Thank you for sharing it with the community. I'm glad your son was there and was able to see and act on what you were going through. I also had a stroke when I was 35 and it was very traumatic. I had months of therapy and tons of prayers, but I recovered mostly from it. I am still under medical care from that now and I hope you are also keeping current with medical care. It is so important that we take care of ourselves. I'll be praying that you can have easily managed stress in your life and that you never suffer from another stroke again! Warmly, Cheryl team

    1. So glad for your son's quick thinking, and so glad you're okay! It's good that you've shared your experiences with the community, so that others can learn from your experience and know that they're not alone. Thank you! -Melissa, team

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