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Migraine symptoms lasting weeks

Hi, I am new here and wanted to gain some feedback on my condition, I hope I don't miss anything important in my explanation.

I should begin with my first migraine attack 6 years ago, it began with headaches and sinus pressure,I even misstook it for sinusitis. After a week or so I got the worst possible light sensitivity added to my symptoms. I had 3 visits to the ER which resulted in morphine and other pain killers to keep the pain at bay, and ended in scheduling a neurologist appointment.

After getting officially diagnosed with migraines I was medicated Topamax or something like that, I can't remember well. The sides effect led me to stop taking it and in a visit to my country Venezuela, a doctor gave me a shot of Vitamin B and since then I never experienced anything remotely close. Until 4 weeks ago...

Now, while I started getting a lot of the migraine symptoms, I must say that the headache is very mild, and in a scale of 10, it hasn't reached 4. Whereas in 2009 it went up to 10, seriously.

This time I started with sharp localized pains, aura, pressure/stiffness in face, dizzyness, confusion, tingling and numbness in face also, scalp pain, and for the first 2 weeks severe light sensitivity like before. Once again, I am gratefull that the pain hasn't been too strong at any time and these symptoms have been coming and going, two or three at a time, for short periods of time.

Sometimes they dissapear completely for a whole day, and come back the next day or two days after, mild but consistent. Light sensitivity has been reduced a lot, it only bothers me because it gives me a sensation of tireness and makes my head heavy. I've got beginings of anxiety and panic because of how worry I get that the symptoms won't go away, thankfully my husband is very supportive and helps calm down my anxiety talking.

So my main concern is that, it's been more than 4 weeks already that I have had this convoluted mixture of migraine symptoms, the headache hasn't been that strong like before, but the rest limits me and worries me especially since I sometimes can't do many activities.

I already made an appointment with the neurologist but it's still 4 weeks away, for some reason they are way too busy... In any case I don't feel I need an ER visit, and find few things to do.

Any feedback in this lasting symptoms condition? Should I be worried and get an ER cat scan?

Sorry for my english, it's my second language, and for such a long post. And thanks for reading and thoughts.


  1. Ponchita,
    The symptoms you describe are consistent with Migraine and unfortunately they can become intense and last longer suddenly. If you've never had a CAT scan before, you should get one (or your neurologist will probably order one when you see him) just to rule out anything else.

    When you see the neurologist you should mention that the Vitamin B shot you received years ago helped you. You could have some kind of vitamin deficiency that could be causing the Migraines.

    Since you still have to wait 4 more weeks for your appointment, there are some things you can do to help yourself now. Start a headache diary to show your doctor. offers a diary you can use:

    You can also decide if taking some vitamins or supplements may be for you. Magnesium, CoQ10, butterbur and feverfew have all been used to prevent Migraines and can be gotten over the counter. This article details these supplements and gives some other suggestions like biofeedback:

    You mentioned anxiety as well. This is very common with Migraines. It's scary always worrying when another Migraine is going to hit!! Think about using some deep breathing techniques.

    I hope you're able to get a handle on your Migraines soon and please let us know if you have other questions!!
    -Katie Moderator

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