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Migraine Wasn't My Choice

Migraines are my enemy, I don't want them, I do everything possible to prevent them.
I eat healthy, drink plenty of water, I reduce stress to the best of my ability. All too often I have
been told that I am weak-minded for getting migraines as frequent as I am getting them. How dare I inconvenience those around me having to cancel plans, missing work, causing others to pick up my slack?
I ask myself if my loved ones know how guilty and ashamed I feel everytime I succumb to the ice picks with a never ending intensity in my eye, light that all over sudden gets dangerously bright and the quietest noises that seem like they are hooked to a PA system and it feels like a Techno club is trapped in my head.
On migraine days, I am not a fun person because I need a quiet, cold, dark room. Despite your well meaning, please don't turn on my night stand lamp. Rest assured, I’ve not turned into some dark, creep, I simply have to do what works to navigate through the intensely, insane pain I experience during this time. I pray the attack doesn’t last for a week, I pray I get to the point where I can just throw up a few times and get to the point of recovery. That's not me being negative, this is me understanding my most common attack cycle.
Once I’m past throwing up I start feeling a little better and I am thankful for that!
Migraines are not a choice or a lifestyle, I didn’t bring this on myself, so please, when you encounter anyone with migraines, know that the only thing we are trying to avoid is the migraine itself.

  1. Hi Befanie,

    Thank you for sharing your story with - we're glad you're here~!

    Migraine is a genetic, neuro-biological disease that is NOT our fault. No one wants to have a migraine disease or experience a migraine attack. I do understand the guilt/grief that is associated with chronic illness, you're not alone in this.

    Thanks for being here. We hope to hear more from you,

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