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Migraines and checking compulsions

Dear fellow sufferers,

Thank you for letting me join your forum, this is my first time here.
I am 30 at the moment and a few months ago my long-forgotten teenage migraine attacks with visual and sensory aura came back with an unprecedented frequency. This really started messing with my brain. Nowadays every time I look at words to read on the computer or in a book I can't help testing myself whether I can see all the letters. If any of them "go missing" from my visual field that can mean the start of a visual aura - hours of visual and cognitive impairment, anxiety and pain.
The issue is made worse by the fact that the partial blindness usually starts off-center (usually on the right side), making it harder to tell whether I am growing a blind spot or it's just a floater or the fact I'm trying to use my peripheric vision to read.
I find I can no longer trust my own eyes anymore. For me this is more annoying and anxiety provoking than the headache itself!
Can anyobody relate?

  1. Hi Sikamikanico,

    Welcome to the discussion forum - we're glad you've found us!

    Thank you for sharing your journey with us. I've not experienced this, but hopefully others will be along shortly to share story with you.

    In the meantime, when we have new symptoms, it's always a good idea to let the doctor know so he can make sure everything checks out OK. If you haven't had a chance to speak with your doctor, I would encourage you to.

    Please keep us posted!

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