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Migraines and CSF Pressure

In my constant search to find a way to deal with daily migraines, I pushed my doctor to give my scans another look with constant communication, and yesterday he saw in my scans that I have a cerebral spinal fluid pressure component to my migraines. I looked it up and this fits my symptoms 80%.

He was about to put me on Diamox, but I have an allergy to sulfur-type medication. WHOOPS! No go.

I looked up homeopathic treatments, and most say to lose weight due to one of the causes to this kind of hypertension is obesity. Fortunately or unfortunately (depending how you look at it), I am not obese. I'm a marathoner and I'm already a stick! I feel better after a good run, but I trigger an episode after any kind of upper body work, especially with the biceps.

What other things can I do to help decrease the pressure in my brain?

  1. Hi Leilani Siplon,

    Thank you for your post! It sounds like you and your doctor are focused on treating your daily migraines, which is so great to hear. It also sounds like you are closer to understanding an origin along with your triggers. Keep up the good work! In regards to your questions about brain pressure, unfortunately we at are unable to provide medical advice via the internet due to safety reasons, however we always suggest further speaking with your doctor regarding any medical questions. I do believe he or she will be able to provide the most comprehensive answers to your questions. You did mention homeopathic treatments, and I thought would pass along a link to our site that covers natural remedies for chronic migraine -, Perhaps you can find something helpful in there. Again, thank you for your post and please keep us posted on your progress. We love hearing from you! Wishing you a lovely day.


    Meaghan ( Team)

    1. Diamox doesn't have a significant amount of sulfa in it, so it turns out that I can use it. I'm on day 5, and the fatigue side-effect is KILLING ME. I'm training for a personal best in my next marathon, and I can't even make it outside. All I want to do is sleep or do nothing.

      Yes, the Diamox with my migraines, but it has affected my life in other ways. I'm not liking it. I am now super-sensitive to the sun and I'm a runner. This and the fatigue makes me think that this solution is not going to work for me.

      1. Oh and by the way, I'm already taking magnesium and co-enzyme Q10.

        1. My doctor has decided to put me back on Topamax sprinkles. How long will Diamox stay in my system?

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