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Migraines and Daith Piercing

G'day everyone,

I had a motorcycle accident about 5 years ago which caused nerve damage to C3-C7 vertebrates inclusive as well as a crushed T5 vertebrae and since then have suffered migraines almost twice a week as a minimum.

I have been to a Neurosurgeon then referred to a Neurologist, GP, Pain Specialist, Osteopath, Physiotherapist, done hydrotherapy and gym therapy to strengthen neck and back muscles as well as core muscles. Had MRI's, CT scans SPEC CT scans X-Rays.

I have been on a range of medications for the pain and nerve damage with MSContin and Lyrica the main staples these days. Topomax, however has been helping (supposedly) with the constant migraines and Relpax helping somewhat if i can grab the migraine in time to help it dissapate. I also have three monthly botox sessions to combat these migraines and having 32 injections each session.

I am soooo over taking all these medications and being used as a pin cushion just to try and get some relief and some quality of life back.

Which is the reason for my post

I would like to find out if anyone else has had their "Daith" (ridge inside the ear) pierced to help with migraines/headaches? I have had mine done on the 17th June. I cant find any medical or scientific proof that this type of treatment works. Only other peoples comments.

I was due to have another botox treatment on the 28th June but I have put that back till early august to give this alternative method a chance to prove itself.

As of this post, it has now been 18 days since having the piercing and although I was a bit sceptical, I was willing to give it a try so I could start to distance myself from the medicinal world. I can safely say that I have not had a migraine since the day of my piercing. Not even a hint of a headache. For all I know it could be a placebo BUT i don't care if it is. What ever it is, it seems to be working.

I would love to hear from other people who have had the same done and others that may be considering it.

I am not affiliated with any piercing or body modding shop/premise. I'm just a person who is happy to be migraine free even if it's for a short while. 😀 *Thumbs Up*

  1. I myself deal with migraine headaches. I've had them since 17 yrs old. After seeing a pain clinic doctor with getting the injections twice a month, Botox, trying several different types of medications and still with a migraine or and my several years of back of the neck pain. I was told while being in the E.R. for vertigo the P.A. and Doctor was telling me the reason for the neck pain had something to do with MS. The P.A. began to explain this pain but didn't go into detail due to being there for vertigo. I've tried everything, nothing is helping, I've seen every doctor you can think of and going back to see a my neurologist in 2 week's. I am so tired of my ice packs, using them to numb my neck before bedtime. I've been thinking about trying the Deith piercing myself. I'm so glad it's helped you and continues to help. I'm about at the end of my rope on what to do...oh I was just at Cleveland Clinic in March. They didn't check my neck. Only MRI of head.... going back to have a tube put in my left eye for drainage. All of my pain is on my left side,. I have Hemicrania Continua, and trigeminal neuralgia, both on the left side. Please, I hope I hear from you! Good night.

    1. Update: -

      It has now been 30 days since I had the piercing and I am astounded that I still have not had a migraine.
      I'm off the Topamax, not had to have any Relpax nor had any repeat botox injections.
      Feeling very good. 😀

      1. I have had chronic migraines for 10 years, with botox treatments and handsful of meds that I take day and night for prevention. So in January of this year, I finally decided 'what the heck' and got the daith piercing on my left side, since the migraines usually started behind my left eye and traveled back over my head and down my neck. I actually had a migraine when I had my daith pierced and within 10 minutes, no migraine, no headache. The piercer told me I'd be back to get my other side done soon. I asked why and she said that I would have migraines on my right side now. She was right. They moved to behind my right eye within a week. So I went back and had the right daith done. So for seven months now, I have only had about 5 'real' migraines, and 3 of them were due to unavoidable triggers such as severe exhaustion and stress (time change from vacation and work.) Now, I DO have headaches that I take Tylenol or Aleve for, but that seems to work fine. And I have continued with the Botox regimen because I believe that the combination of the two is helping (I get a lot of Botox in my neck and shoulders.) So, if you are not against piercings that really don't even show, I would give it a try. That's just my opinion.

        1. Awesome stuff, ABrown. Glad it worked for you as it has for me.

          Kelly101, it may be time to give the Daith piercing a go. Good luck. 😀

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