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migraines at work

Does anyone have an increase in migraines due to wearing a face mask all day at work?

  1. - Hi there- thanks for your question. You are not alone at all in having this challenge. We have already had a few articles on this topic with some good community discussions that follow in the comment section after each one. Take a look and see if you find anything that is helpful or that resonates:

    Let us know how else we may be of assistance.
    Warmly- Holly ( team)

    1. Hello. I've been wondering this but havent voiced it. Depending on the fit of the mask and such I noticed more pain. I think mine was related to pulling on my ears cause I have to wear the mask for 10-ish hours. Thank you for this topic.

    2. The ear issue is one others mentioned (as you may've seen in the other articles above). The ears of many migraineurs are sensitive - to things like earrings, hats, earmuffs, etc- so it would follow that a mask would be bothersome as well. I know there are masks that can be tied around the back of the head instead of pulling around the ears. I wonder if that may help? 10 hours of mask wearing is a lot! Thanks for chiming in. Warmly- Holly ( team)

  2. Thinking out loud -- have any of you tried wearing a neck gaiter (a very thin, stretchy material) or face shield instead of a mask? I feel the need to add that these things may not provide the same degree of protection as a traditional mask, but it may also lessen some of that pressure. -Melissa, team

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