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Has anyone tried the product Migrelief?

  1. Hi wrensegg,

    I haven't but know a number of people with migraine who have and find it helpful. We do have information on Migrelief in this article;

    Let us know your results if you try this.


    1. I have been taking Migralief for about six months. While Migralief has not cut back the number of migraines I get a month, it has helped "tame the beast." After a while of using Migralief I felt the migraines were more tolerable so I stopped taking the supplement and not too long after the migraines began flaring up. I recently went to my neurologist for a follow up and he has put me on amitriptyline to try and cut back on the number of migraines I get a month. I stopped the migralief five days ago and just yesterday I suffered a very debilitating migraine attack. I couldn't go to work, I was confined to my room in bed under pure darkness. Today I took my migralief and will continue to take it along with the amitriptyline as I checked with my pharmacist who said it is safe to take with the medication. I would recommend the Migralief because it has helped me as far as the severity of my migraines.

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