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My neurologist asked me to do a daily headache diary for my chronic migraine problem. I dutifully filled out the chart for 2 months and returned to his office.

He noticed that I had marked down the intensity of pain as 1 or 2 on some days. I explained that there are days when I will get migraine pain after eating, walking, or moving abruptly but that it doesn't develop into a full-blown migraine. It may only last 10-15 minutes. I can bring one on almost at will by doing one of those activities.

He didn't seem to like my response and told me not to mark down 1s or 2s anymore; just to note the 'real' migraines.

Does anyone else experience these transient 'mini-migraines'? Thanks.


  1. What are your symptoms during these episodes other than pain?

    1. Hi Kerrie: During these 'mini-migraines' I will get the usual throbbing ache behind my eyes and in my forehead, slight queasiness, photophobia and phonophobia which will persist if continue an activity.

      These 'minis' may or may not continue into a full migraine. I never know what will happen, so I don't often take abortive medication during these 15 minutes.

      1. From one week I noticed that I get frequently slight headache.I took medicine then I feel some improvement.But after one or two days again I was feeling headache.I am really so depressed and don't know what should I do?I consulted some of the best doctors also but not finding any relax.If some one having any ideas about this please suggest me.

        1. Hello. I have tried every treatment going during these 40-years of migraine, save surgery. The medications that work the best for me are triptans (Axert) and Propranolol. You may need an antidepressant for mood (Cymbalta has some pain blocking properties). I had several sessions of Botox with some minor improvement, but I could not tolerate the prick of all those needles. I hope this helps.

          1. Michael,

            I have to admit I was stumped, so I Googled this. A highly respected headache specialist wrote about mini-migraines in the NY Times:

            I hope this helps!


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