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Mothers with Migraine

hi, I am not a parent but I work with parents who suffer from migraine. I also suffer from very painful, refactory migraine. So I just received a book that I ordered from Amazon and it's called Migraine mama, by Pamela Tomlinson.

it is written for children with nice drawings and easy to read rhymes and tells the story from the children's perspective of their mother who suffers from chronic migraine.

Has anybody else seen or heard of this book? I think it could be very useful for helping kids with Migraine moms.


  1. Hi stefan becker,

    I've not heard of this book, but am going to look for it now. Thank you so much for sharing this with us.

    It's not easy having migraine pain that never seems to end. Have you had a chance to look around our site for information on refractory or intractable migraine? I'd like to share these links with you; and

    Again, thanks for sharing that book with us.


    1. I raised two sons while dealing with migraines triggered by monthly hormones and weather changes. I didn't think my migraines had much effect on my sons until I was recently discussing a preventative treatment with my 30 year old. He asked why I was taking a preventative, and I said I didn't want to have migraines. He replied, "But mom, you wouldn't be you without your migraines." I assured him that I'd still be me and to not worry because I was hoping to just reduce the number of migraines. I was kind of sad when he said that. It was eye opening though, especially after two former colleagues asked how my migraines are recently. Makes me wonder if I should talk a little less about migraines.
      I didn't look at the book yet, but I'm sure I would have bought one for my kids.

      1. i have chronic sporadic hemiplegic migraine. my children are 6 and 3.5. i would like to have another, but my migraines have gotten worse in the last few years. i'm unable to work outside the home and worry about supporting my kids, particularly if any of them develop chronic migraine as well. i would love to have this book for my daughters. i feel so bad that some days i can barely speak to them and need lots of help. i think it would be great to have a book that could help my kids not feel as alone and maybe understand migraine a little better. i will put this on my wishlist for if my SSI disability goes through. thank you.

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