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Moving to help migraines?

Has anyone gone as far as to move to try to help their migraines, and did it help?

I live in Utah, USA. This is high altitudes, crappy air quality in the winters, and lots of storms in the winters. All winter long my migraines are constant. However, during the summer, I have maybe a couple dozen migraines. I know a huge trigger for me is the weather.

I've seriously considered moving to different location once my daughter finishes with school (she' in 8th grade now) in hopes that this will help control my migraines. Has anyone done this, and what has your experience been if you have?



  1. I have not moved but am seriously considering it. I live near Detroit, and the constant weather changes mean near-constant migraines. This winter has been the worst -- rainy and windy nearly daily. I also find summer to be better, though I do get migraines with our high winds and storms.
    I have experienced great relief in southern Fla.and Calif. on vacation. It's been almost four years for me since my migraines became chronic, so, yes, I will not go on living like this if I can find relief elsewhere. Like you, I'm waiting for my daughter to finish school.

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