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MTHFR C667T mutation and migraine

Has anyone with chronic migraine tested positive for this gene mutation? My current (and 6th) neurologist had me tested and the result was positive. I am looking for treatment information and how this correlates to migraine. Over the years I have tried countless preventatives (anti-seizure, low dose NSAID, SSRIs, blood pressure, etc.) with little to no long term relief. Most of the time I find that I cannot tolerate the preventative, even at the lowest dose, due to extremely low blood pressure, low body weight and sensitivity to all medication. In the last month, I received two rounds of nerve block injections, which resulted in a three day migraine. Now that the migraine is gone, I am hoping for some relief from the steroid injections. The current treatment plan includes the lowest dose Neurotin and a low dose of Celexa to add Seritonin to my system due to the C667T.

I have been diagnosed with multiple types of headache and migraine and am feeling frustrated and hopeless. Anyone have some insight?

Thank you!

  1. Marjorie-C. - I decided a while back to write about this, and honestly just haven't gotten a chance to put everything together in a couple of posts yet. I hope that we can address that soon, as it has come up in discussion lately. However, I am hoping to get a chance to have a couple conversations at IHC about this with headache specialists. Hang in there and keep an eye out for it later this summer!

    1. Ellen, thank you for our response. Any information you can provide on C677T mutations would be much appreciated as I have only found information written for/by doctors and scientists. Nothing so far for patients.

      1. Marjorie-C. - That's probably because it's a bit complicated, and there are still a lot of things not really known for sure. It's something new that researchers are looking at. You know you have it, and that's good news because you can't fight what you can't name.

        I had genetic testing done years ago as part of my job believe it or not. I was glad to have it done, not because I was paranoid about what might be going on, but because when you know what your genetics may lead you to, you can intervene and make changes that can affect your life before you get sick.

        I'll try to get work done on that piece as soon as I can, so stay tuned, okay? Don't give up on me! I try to make everything very complete, so this means sometimes it takes a month or more to get it *just right*.

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