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My 19! yr old sons hemiplegic migraine

Hi. My sons hemiplegic migraines stopped thankfully three yrs ago. My ex husband has caused so much emotional chaos. My son had an episode 4 months ago in which a new dr (we moved) told me triptan meds were dangerous and could cause a stroke so gave him the tpa stroke drug after the ER gave him a triptan. He was put in icu after that as tpa can cause a brain bleed. He recovered and was fine. New dr had him on magnesium and baby aspirin as migraine preventative. This time ems was called and he unfortunately was brought to same hospital for a week. He has been paralyzed on one side for 9 days still and I had him transferred to a diff hospital. They have so far ruled out a stroke but my son is still paralyzed. The past two episodes switched sides which scared me otherwise I would have just given him rizitriptan and his regular protocol. Normally he would be fine in 12 hrs! I’m a mess and I actually had prior neuro tell me he was “faking it” but not on purpose though. NOBODY can fake a drooping face in one side if they tried!!! Rotten SOB DR. Since he was moved and put back on a triptan his head pain is getting less as we wait for other tests thankfully. how long until he’s completely recovered with normal use of his whole body? He’s a kid!!!! I’m stressing . Any advice? Has this happened to anyone else? What kind of preventative and treatment meds have worked for other hemiplegic migraine sufferers? Tnx

  1. Hi brandonkaylasmommy,

    I am so sorry to hear how much your son is suffering! That must be so scary. I wanted to start by letting you know that we are not medical doctors, so we can't tell you things like how long it will be until he is completely recovered, nor can we suggest any type of treatment.

    Also, treatment and it's effectiveness varies widely from patient to patient. Personally, I had great success with Topomax as a preventative, but couldn't tolerate the side effects. Aimovig and Emgality also have worked well for me (these are once monthly preventative CGRP injections).

    Often, preventatives simply require a lot of trial and error to determine which will work best for you, but there are better preventative options out there today than there ever have been. which is hopeful.

    Do keep us posted on your son and his recovery, we would be interested to know how it is going for you both.

    Warmly, Melanie (team member)

    1. Hi, -- just checking in with you ... how is he doing? How are you? We are here for you. <3 -Melissa, team

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